Assess is the only online tool that combines a web based testing tool, web based assessment tool and web based survey tool into one complete tool. Use it for web based surveys ( customer satisfaction surveys, feedback surveys, etc. ), web based tests ( certification tests, skills tests, quizzes, pre and post training tests, etc. ) and web based assessments ( 360 assessments, self assessments, skills assessments, etc ). Assess is a secure (SSL certified) site.


  • Survey instruments are completely customizable and reuseable
  • Ability to compare survey results from time A with survey results from time B.
  • Ability to use html and imbed graphics
  • Ability to make results publicly viewable


  • Flexible reporting features that enable you to filter your report data on multiple criteria
  • Ability to export results data and import to MS Excel or other database tools
  • Supports all question types (multiple choice & selection, rating scale, drop down lists, text)

We also offer assessment, survey, and test development, maintenance, reporting, and support services to companies who have the need but not the time, expertise, or internal support to do it themselves. These services include but are not limited to:

  • Conversion of paper based surveys, tests, assessments to online versions
  • New survey, assessment, test creation
  • Implementation (notifying survey, assessment, exam takers, answering their questions, troubleshooting, etc.)
  • Results reporting (Assess reports, data extracts, Excel reports, etc.)
  • Updates and changes to existing surveys, assessments, exams
  • Record/data management & retention assistance (helping companies access and manage the data collected from their surveys, assessments, and tests

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